On line programming

Production programming

Production programming can be performed in a variety of ways. The choice of programming methodology depends largely on the type of production that the customer has, how many different products that will run in the plant, how often new products are introduced and so on.

On-line programming

Means that the programming is done directly in the robot station. Commonly used in volume production where new products are not introduced very often.

The advantage is that the production program is created directly in the station and that no adjustment is needed afterwards. The downside is that the production is stopped while new programs are introduced.

Off-line programming

Means that the program is done in a virtual environment. An exact replica of the physical plant is created in an offline tool, such as RobotStudio. The programming is the carried out in this computer environment and is then down loaded to the robot when ready.

The advantage is that the production of the plant does not need to be stopped in order to create new programs.The downside is that some adjustment of the program in most cases must be done in the real station as it is difficult to correct for tolerance deviations, mechanical deflection, and more.

Macro based programming

For products that vary according to a known pattern, you can use the macro programming. This basically means that you create a basic program, on-line or off-line, which is then adjusted automatically by known parameters.